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(.hey remember that other time when i would only read the back of cereal boxes?.)

i'm really only interesting to people who like books and/or want to commiserate about grad school. comment to be added. :)
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OMG, my thesis is DONE, you guys!!!!!!!! I just got an email back from my thesis director - actually, I got it at 11:30 but for whatever reason I wasn't scrolled all the way up in my inbox and I didn't see it until 1:00... But YES! She LOVED my revisions, my new conclusion (which I have rewritten three times), and said I truly had a thesis I could be proud of. And just her saying that makes me feel 10000000 times better about the whole thing. I no longer want to set it on fire. I want to display my bound copy on my bookshelf. <3 It will cost me around $100 to get copies bound for the library (required), director and second reader (not required but "expected"), and myself, so I'm really glad I don't hate it anymore. That would seem like such a waste of money if I did. :P

I'M DONE, I'M DONE, I'M DONE!!!! My undergraduate work is FINISHED. I can't even describe how good this feels... probably because it hasn't even fully hit me yet. :) I can really consider myself a graduate student now. How weird! How amazing! I feel like dancing around my office, but I probably shouldn't do that! lol.
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03 November 2007 @ 09:24 am